Title 2. Administration And Personnel  

Chapter 2.04. Board Of Supervisors
Chapter 2.08. County Executive Officer
Chapter 2.09. County Agricultural Commissioner—Sealer Of Weights And Measures
Chapter 2.10. Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk
Chapter 2.12. County Auditor
Chapter 2.16. Clerk Of The Board Of Supervisors*
Chapter 2.20. County Counsel
Chapter 2.22. County Hearing Officer
Chapter 2.24. District Attorney*
Chapter 2.25. Child Support Services Department
Chapter 2.28. Local Registrar Of Births And Deaths
Chapter 2.31. Public Administrator
Chapter 2.32. Public Guardian
Chapter 2.36. Purchasing Agent
Chapter 2.38. Informal Bidding Procedures
Chapter 2.40. Road Commissioner
Chapter 2.41. Surveyor
Chapter 2.44. County Sheriff-Coroner
Chapter 2.48. Treasurer-Tax Collector
Chapter 2.50. Planning Agency
Chapter 2.52. Reserved
Chapter 2.56. County Welfare Department
Chapter 2.58. In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority Of Napa County*
Chapter 2.60. Law Enforcement Training
Chapter 2.64. Law Library
Chapter 2.68. Advisory Boards And Commissions
Chapter 2.70. Solano-Napa Commission On Medical Care
Chapter 2.71. Children And Families Commission
Chapter 2.72. Reserved
Chapter 2.80. Emergency Services Council
Chapter 2.84. Industrial Development Authority
Chapter 2.88. Appeals
Chapter 2.92. Jurors
Chapter 2.94. Agriculture And Right To Farm
Chapter 2.96. Inventory Of County Property
Chapter 2.97. Leasing Of County-Owned Real Property
Chapter 2.98. Sale Of Forfeited Real Property
Chapter 2.100. Personnel*
Chapter 2.102. Housing Commission