Title 18. Zoning*  

Chapter 18.04. Findings
Chapter 18.08. Definitions
Chapter 18.10. Zoning Administrator
Chapter 18.12. Establishment Of Zoning Districts
Chapter 18.16. Ap Agricultural Preserve District
Chapter 18.20. Aw Agricultural Watershed District
Chapter 18.24. Av Airport District
Chapter 18.26. Reserved
Chapter 18.28. Cl Commercial Limited District*
Chapter 18.32. Cn Commercial Neighborhood District
Chapter 18.34. Mc Marine Commercial District*
Chapter 18.36. I Industrial District
Chapter 18.40. Ip Industrial Park Zoning District
Chapter 18.44. Gi General Industrial Zoning District
Chapter 18.48. Pd Planned Development District*
Chapter 18.50. Public Lands District
Chapter 18.52. Rs Residential Single District
Chapter 18.56. Reserved
Chapter 18.60. Rm Residential Multiple District
Chapter 18.64. Rc Residential Country District
Chapter 18.66. Np Napa Pipe Zoning District
Chapter 18.68. Tp Timber Preserve District
Chapter 18.72. B Building Site Combination District
Chapter 18.80. Ac Airport Compatibility Combination District* **
Chapter 18.82. Ah Affordable Housing Combination District
Chapter 18.84. Reserved
Chapter 18.88. Reserved
Chapter 18.90. Swp Skyline Wilderness Park Combination District
Chapter 18.96. Reserved
Chapter 18.100. Ur Urban Reserve Combination District
Chapter 18.101. Reserved
Chapter 18.102. Ps Agricultural Produce Stand Combination District
Chapter 18.103. Hr Historic Restaurant Combination District
Chapter 18.104. Additional Zoning District Regulations
Chapter 18.106. Viewshed Protection Program
Chapter 18.107. Affordable Housing And Incentives
Chapter 18.108. Conservation Regulations
Chapter 18.110. Off-Street Parking And Loading Facilities
Chapter 18.112. Road Setbacks
Chapter 18.116. Signs*
Chapter 18.117. Small Wind Energy Systems
Chapter 18.118. Water Conservation Regulations For Landscape Design
Chapter 18.119. Telecommunication Facilities, Satellite Dishes, And Other Antennas
Chapter 18.120. Exceptions
Chapter 18.124. Use Permits
Chapter 18.126. Administrative Permits
Chapter 18.128. Variances
Chapter 18.132. Legal Nonconformities*
Chapter 18.134. Requests For Reasonable Accommodations Under The Fair Housing Acts
Chapter 18.136. Amendment
Chapter 18.140. Site Plan Approval
Chapter 18.141. Groundwater Conservation
Chapter 18.144. Enforcement

Title 18 ZONING*