Title 17. Subdivisions  

Chapter 17.02. Definitions
Chapter 17.04. General Provisions And Regulations
Chapter 17.06. General Map Requirements
Chapter 17.08. Contents Of Tentative, Final And Parcel Maps
Chapter 17.10. Environmental Review
Chapter 17.12. Notice For Hearings And Other Proceedings
Chapter 17.14. Tentative Maps—Filing, Processing And Approval
Chapter 17.16. Vesting Tentative Maps
Chapter 17.18. Tentative Maps—Expiration And Extensions
Chapter 17.20. Final Maps
Chapter 17.22. Parcel Maps
Chapter 17.24. Filing Maps With Recorder
Chapter 17.26. Map Corrections And Amendments
Chapter 17.28. Dedications
Chapter 17.30. Public Access To Public Resources
Chapter 17.32. Taxes And Assessments
Chapter 17.34. Design Standards And Improvements
Chapter 17.36. Improvement Standards
Chapter 17.38. Improvement Construction Agreements
Chapter 17.40. Inspection Of Improvements
Chapter 17.42. Soils And Geologic Reports
Chapter 17.44. Monuments
Chapter 17.46. Lot Line Adjustments
Chapter 17.48. Merger Of Parcels
Chapter 17.50. Reversion To Acreage
Chapter 17.51. Voluntary Merger Of Contiguous Parcels Under Common Ownership Without Reverting To Acreage
Chapter 17.52. Certificates Of Compliance And Conditional Certificates Of Compliance*
Chapter 17.54. Appeals
Chapter 17.56. Violations And Penalties
Chapter 17.58. School Facilities—Residential Development Exaction
Chapter 17.59. Groundwater Conservation