§ 15.40.020. Location restrictions—Dead storage or temporary use permit  

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  • A. It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to keep any mobilehome on any land situated in the county other than in an approved mobilehome park, unless such mobilehome is in dead storage or an administrative permit has been issued therefore, pursuant to the provisions of Section 18.126.060 of this code.

    B. A trailer or mobilehome in dead storage shall not be stored in any front or side yard setback required by this chapter, or any applicable county ordinance or state law, nor shall any such vehicle be parked upon any public or private street for a period in excess of forty-eight hours. When in dead storage, all trailers and similar vehicles shall meet the minimum requirements of the state, and no person shall remove any tire or wheel from a mobilehome, whether such or similar vehicle is used for occupancy, business or dead storage, except for the purpose of making temporary repairs, nor shall any foundation be placed under a mobilehome or similar vehicle.