§ 15.40.010. Definitions  

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  • For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases are defined and shall be construed as hereinafter set out, unless it shall be apparent from the context that a different meaning is indicated.

    "Building department" means the building division of the planning, building and environmental services department of Napa County.

    "CCR" means the California Code of Regulations.

    "Dead storage" means the maintaining of a mobilehome on any land where the mobilehome is not used for occupancy or business purposes. The connection of any utility or service connection, such as electrical, water, gas or sewage, to the mobilehome shall be prima facie evidence that the mobilehome is being used for habitation or business purposes.

    "Farm labor trailer" means any mobilehome or mobilehomes used for housing or shelter of persons on a seasonal basis which is located either (a) on the premises of a farm where such persons are bona fide employees of such farm, or (b) in a permitted farmworker center.

    "Health officer" means the county director of environmental health.

    "HSC" means the California Health and Safety Code.

    "Mobilehome" means a mobilehome as defined in HSC Section 18008, a manufactured home as defined in HSC Section 18007, a multiple family manufactured home as defined in HSC Section 18008.7, and a recreational vehicle as defined in HSC Section 18010.

    "Mobilehome park" means any tract of land where two or more lots are rented or leased, held out for rent or lease, or were formerly held out for rent or lease and later converted to a subdivision, cooperative, condominium, or other form of resident ownership, to accommodate manufactured homes, mobilehomes, or recreational vehicles used for human habitation.

    "Planning commission" means the Planning Commission of the County of Napa.